Erica Reinke was a graduate student at Vanderbilt University in 2012. On Halloween, as she drove to her internship, she experienced something that changed her life. It was a day that Erica will always remember, if only because on that day, she couldn’t remember a thing.

Epilepsy changed Erica’s life. Now Erica is changing her epilepsy.

Erica is scheduled to undergo surgery for a Responsive Neurostimulation (RNS) implant at the University of Minnesota Hospital in November, which is also National Epilepsy Awareness Month.

The RNS device was designed and manufactured by NeuroPace. Melinda Marthaler, a clinical research associate at NeuroPace, demonstrates the device:

Erica admits she’s nervous about the operation, but her full-time job at Dunn Brothers Coffee in downtown Saint Paul helps keep her mind off of her impending surgery.

When Erica isn’t working as a barista, she’s busy blogging as the “Epileptic Theologian“.

“There’s nothing physically wrong with my brain. It’s just kind of freaking out on a daily basis.” 

– Erica Reinke

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