Thank you for considering submitting a session proposal.  Session proposals are due by 8/1/2015, but the sooner we have a complete session proposal, the sooner it considered for acceptance and and approval.

When you are ready to submit your session proposal, you will be required to provide a user name and password.  We highly recommend using your email address as your user name.  You must supply this information even if you have proposed sessions for CBI in the past.

Before you submit you should be prepared to provide the following for each and every speaker.

  • Verifiable contact information for every speaker. CBI requires that it receive a reply confirmation of availability from every speaker before a session is approved and scheduled.  Every speaker for your proposed session will receive a copy of your session proposal if you supplied a working email address and they will need to reply and confirm their availability before your session proposal is approved. If you do not supply this information the session proposal will not be approved.  CBI will not share contact information ever without the permission of the speaker.
  • A short bio and picture for speakers not from a student media organization. If the speaker is not from a student media organization, you will need to provide a short bio (150 words or less) and a picture of the speaker for use by CBI (with the speaker understanding that CBI will promote these and their picture) .  The speaker must provide the image.  Images should be jpg format, 72 dpi, and no smaller than 200×300 pixels. The maximum file size is 5 MB.

It is our goal to notify all involved in the proposed session of acceptance or rejection by August 15.  If you need to withdraw your proposal for any reason, please contact us.

You may submit your session proposal and return later to supply missing information.  No proposal containing missing information will be approved, so it makes sense to supply all the required information in the initial proposal.
If you are ready to submit your proposal, click here.  If you have any questions, please contact us.